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HOW do Wraps

How to Make Wraps

For athletes and they have their guitarists, practical significance.

But someone had noticed that the wristbands - it is also beautiful.

And now, turning into a kind of bracelets, they adorn the hands of fashionistas ... Female leather wristband, combines the features of male and female frivolity brutality.

This kind of eclecticism on the wrist.

You will need

  • Leather, leather watchbands - two pieces, thick needle, a sharp boot knife, coarse thread in tone decorative buttons, pendants, pieces of chains, charms and glue on the skin.



Working with leather is not very easy, so enlist patience. From the skin, cut two pieces of equal size - for the front and the reverse side wristband on the hand size. And one piece of thinner.


Of the three pieces of thin cut thinnerstrip. After securing one end of the strips, weave braid. Along the way, is woven into the braid your buttons, chains, rhinestones and all that is right ear and you will find the best - even pendant with a picture of a loved one! Fasten the other end.


Doing two holes across the front of the wristband, thread the end of the spit, flatten them and attach to the wrong side.


Cut pieces of suitable length straps and the inner side glue also on the two straps with one hand, two buckles - on the other hand, making the hem on the base part with the ends 0.5 cm.


It's time to sew from the wrong side of the second piece of leather. Pick up the thread in tone, bend both parts of 0.5 cm and sew seam obmetochnym. Now in your wardrobe you have a wristband.


You can paint the skin for pigtails in a different color,for example, red, instead of sticking Velcro straps (although diminished decoration), to make laces, two braids. You can sew the edges wristband fringe, fur pieces, black lace. Then, perhaps, the number of "widgets" will have to subtract or add a pigtail. Be creative and you will succeed!

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