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How to make wristbands


How to make wristbands</a>

For athletes and guitarists, they have their own, practical significance.

But someone has already noticed for a long time that wristbands are also beautiful.

And now, having turned into a kind of bracelet, they are adorned in the hands of women of fashion ... Women's leather wristband combines the features of male brutality and feminine frivolity.

This is some kind of eclecticism on the wrist.

You will need

  • Leather, leather straps from the clock - two pieces, a thick needle, a sharp shoe knife, stiff strands in tone, decorative buttons, pendants, scraps of chains, charms and glue on the skin.



Working with the skin is not very easy, so get your patience. From the skin, cut two pieces of the same size - for the front and the underside of the wristband, to the size of the hand. And one piece is thinner.


From a slice thinner, cut three thinStrips. Secure one end of the strips, weave the pigtail. In the course of the process, weave in your braid buttons, chains, rhinestones and everything that has a suitable eyelet and will seem suitable to you - even a pendant with a portrait of a loved one! Fasten the other end.


After making two holes from different ends of the face of the wristband, thread the ends of the braid, straighten them and glue them on the wrong side.


Cut off the pieces of straps that fit along the length and glue two straps on the one side and two buckles on the underside, making a hem on the main piece from the ends by 0.5 cm.


It's time to sew a second piece of leather from the wrong side. Pick up the threads in a tone, bend both parts by 0.5 cm and sew with a seam wrap. Now in your wardrobe there is a wristband.


You can paint the skin for a pigtail in a different color,For example, red, instead of the straps to glue the velcro (although decorativity is reduced), make lacing, two pigtails. You can sew fringe along the edges of the wristband, pieces of fur, black lace. Then, perhaps, the number of "lotions" will have to be reduced or left one pigtail. Fantasize, and you will succeed!

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