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Niva Car

In Russia, there are very severe frosts.

They deliver a lot of headaches to motorists. Machinery tightly freeze.

Open the car and start it early in the morning - the whole problem. If you have all turned out, someone else will have to pass more than one kilometer of ice in this carriage.

How is it possible to insulate, for example, conventional Niva?

You will need

  • Vibroplastik, construction hairdryer, rollers, seals, heating and rear windshield glass.



The Cornfield, as a rule, there is no vibration andinsulation, and if it is, it will not do. Therefore, you should obesshumit your car. It is not necessary to drive a car in service for this procedure. You can do it yourself. In any auto sheets can be found vibroplastika. It is convenient because it has one of the parts of the adhesive, that is, you do not need to use glue when laying.
Disassemble the interior of your car to the ground. Carefully examine it on presence of corrosion, if any, they should be treated. Remove the door trim panel. Now, with a hair dryer and a special set of rollers guide the layer vibroplastika. Heat the sheets prior to the application roller and prominaetsya that no bubbles are sticking to the surface. So, apply several layers, then make the installation of interior back.


Explore all seals. Heat is usually lost in two ways - the thermal radiation and heat transfer. Damaged seals create gaps through which the warm air out. Therefore it is best to build new seals. Also check the operation of all windows. Over time, they can sag and form cracks.


Check the regular stove. It is necessary to periodically sort through and change the filters, because it accumulates a lot of waste. Also check and clean all the air vents, to allow air to easily circulate them.


You can also go for regular upgrading of the heating system. Set the thermostat on the Chevrolet Niva. This upgrade will require some investment, but the result will be quite noticeable.
Install the heating of glass, then the glass will be constantly reheated. This will reduce heat loss through the cold glass.

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