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How to make warm floors in the bathroom


How to make warm floors in the bathroom</a>

Bathroom - a place of rest and relaxation after a hard day.

A comfortable and cozy bathroom can be created with their own hands, without resorting to the help of specialists.

One of the latest modern novelties is a warm floor covering.



Remove the old floor covering.


Prepare a riser to connect the warm floor. Stand the hot water supply polypropylene. When inserting the cranes into the central riser, be sure to invite plumbers from the organization serving your home. They quickly and qualitatively do this work, because you need to know what kind of spill in your house: upper or lower.


Lay the waterproofing. From the leakage of water, no one is immune. The most optimal option - the use of waterproofing material Linocrom or Isoflex. Lay this material necessarily overlap, connect the seams with a construction hair dryer or blowtorch.


Fill the black screed of the floor from the mixture of cement mortar and expanded clay. Use the level to make perimeter marks Bathroom Room. Remember, the roughing screed should be 5-7 cm below the finishing floor. Do not pay attention to small irregularities, the main thing is that the mixture does not go beyond the limits. Within 2-3 days, wet the screed with a small amount of liquid (with a watering can).


Before laying pipes, apply foilHeater. He will act as a thermal crane. At the joints heat insulation glued with a special aluminum tape. Pipes attach to the screed and connect to the riser. On the pipe outlet, install the fitting, lubricate joints with silicone sealant (it must withstand a temperature of over 90 degrees). After the sealant dries, you can start and test your underfloor heating system. If there are no leaks, and the system functions well, turn off the warm floor, it must cool before proceeding.


Fill the finishing tie. Lay a special masonry net, set beacons and pour the floor with the same mixture that was used for the rough screed. Carefully make sure that the surface is flat. The next day the floors will dry up and become light gray.

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