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HOW to make warm floors in the bathroom

How to warm floors in the bathroom

Bath - a place of rest and relaxation after a busy day.

Comfortable and cozy bathroom, you can create with your hands, without the help of professionals.

One of the latest innovations today - a warm floor.



Remove the old flooring.


Prepare to connect the riser floor heating. Riser hot water set polypropylene. When using a crane in central riser is required to invite a plumber serving your home from the organization. They quickly and efficiently do the job, because you need to know what kind of flood in your home: the upper or lower.


Lay the waterproofing. From water leaks are not perfect. Best option - the use of waterproofing material or Linokrom Izofleks. Lay the material is necessarily overlapping seams connect the building hairdryer or a blowtorch.


Pour the dirty floor screed a mixture of cement mortar and expanded clay. With the level make a mark on the perimeter bathroom room. Remember, rough screed must be 5-7 cm below the finished floor. Do not pay attention to small irregularities, as long as the mixture does not extend beyond the markers. Within 2-3 days, moisten tie a small amount of fluid (using a watering can).


Before laying the pipes, apply a foilinsulation. He will perform the role of the thermal tap. At the junction of the insulation glue special aluminum tape. Tubes attach coupler and connect to the riser. At the conclusion of pipes set fitting connections, lubricate with silicone sealant (it should withstand a temperature of over 90 degrees). After the sealant has dried, you can run to check your system underfloor heating. If there are no leaks and the system is functioning well, turn off floor heating, it must cool down before proceeding.


Fill the shell and screed. Place special masonry grid, set the beacons and pour half of the same mixture, which was used for roughing screed. Watch carefully that the surface was smooth. The next day, the floors dry out and will find a light gray color.

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