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How to make the virtual disks

Virtual disk - your virtual assistant

Working at a computer, you experience timesthe urgent need to install any software. If you have a CD with the necessary software, you simply insert it into the CD / DVD drive and install what you need.

But there are times when a desired program is not at hand or not drive.

As in this case, be?



From such an unpleasant situation there is a solution - youonly need access to the Internet. Establish a special program like DaemonTools, Alcohol 120 or Nero. These programs are the most popular and allow you to create a virtual image of the drive, and then be able to create, if necessary, and disk images.


What are the advantages of creating virtual disks anddrives? And the fact that the virtual drive will never break and the disc inside it never? Explode? from high velocities. Additionally, you can create multiple virtual drives, which are located on the most important disk images. One? ROM with Windows - so, just in case. On the other, you can place the necessary software on the third? favorite game, etc.


Of course, the disadvantages of virtual disks, toothere is. For example, if you? Fly? system and you need to install the Windows, the virtual drive will not help you because you will not be able to change the image of the disk, and the operating system is not loaded, you can not use it.

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