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How to make up as Barbie

How to make up as Barbie

If you dream about the appearance of Barbie, arm cosmetics in pink, supplement it with classic black mascara and eyeliner and start to create the image.

Bright lips, large eyes with lush lashes and a gentle blush turn you into a real doll.

You will need

  • - Base makeup-
  • - Sponges and kisti-
  • - Foundation-
  • - rumyana-
  • - Lipstick or gloss sponge
  • - teni-
  • - mascara-
  • - Artificial eyelashes puchkami-
  • - korrektor-
  • - Eyeliner vector
  • - Eyelash curlers.



Basis doll beauty - perfectly smooth face. Well moisten the skin gel or lotion, then put on her foundation makeup with silicones. For pale skin suitable illuminating means, an earthy shade hides pale lilac base, while tanned face suitable light golden tone. Base fills the pores, removes wrinkles and visually create the effect of a porcelain skin.


Apply a liquid foundation - its colorIt must match the shade of your skin. Distribute tone latex sponge, as if hammering it. Do not spare the cream - it should apply not only to the face but also on the neck. Pimples and spots carefully zaretushiruyte proofreader. Large fluffy powder brush skin - a person must not shine. Do not use bronzers and other tools for sculpting - a person should look soft and rounded.


For lips and cheeks, choose makeup in pink tones. Blush Apply in layers, working flat brush made of natural cloth. Blush superimposed on the convex part of the cheeks - a person visually tightened, will look more fresh and young. On the lips, apply lipstick soft balm or gloss thick dark pink or strawberry tint. This means not only formalize the lips, but also accentuate the whiteness of the teeth.


For ever put a bright pink or creamshadow. Upper eyelid eyeliner emphasize glossy black. Then curl the lashes with forceps and generously apply a volume black mascara. The lower lashes gently nakraste little thin brush. If the length of the eyelashes you own seems insufficient, supplement them with artificial beams by gluing a few pieces at the outer corners of eyes.


The final touch - a French manicure or a very bright nail polish. Complete the image of perfume with sweet, floral scent - the image of Barbie will be completed.

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