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How to make a transparent form

How to make a transparent form

Even if you have never engaged in graphicsdesign, but want to make the original advertising your product or create a web page of your project or your company, you will need the skills of creating original and stylish image, which you can set as a background for the header of the site or decorate their website menu.

Sometimes you can use ready-made for thisimage with a transparent background, but if you can not find such prepared files and want to remove the background from an image that is going to put on your page, use Photoshop or any other graphics program.



Open a picture in JPEG formatPhotoshop. If you do not own Photoshop, use Pixlr - a convenient and simple analog of the graphical editor. Download the image, and then in the Layers palette, double-click on the background layer (Background), to unlock it.


The toolbar on the leftselect the Magic Wand tool and set the parameters of smoothing and continuity, click on the background image. Tool "magic wand" well to highlight the background, if it is a contrast with the main figure, and if the picture is not too complex contours.


Remove the background by pressing Delete. You can also invert the selection, copy the main element of the image into a new layer, and the layer Backround remove.


If the background is not a solid color, and the imagehas a complex color transitions and the Magic Wand does not help distinguish it carefully, use other methods for isolating the image from the background - Lasso Tool or Pen.


Save the image under a new name in the PNG format that supports saving images with a transparent background and then retains this transparency when placing photos on the internet.

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