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How to make thin legs

Moderate sports load a good effect on the harmony of legs

Various reasons may cause the legs to such a state that you passionately want to make them thin.

To solve the problem can be from different sides, but it is best to do it comprehensively.



An important step, without which it can not do - isphysical exercises. You will need frequent load. It is best to do the exercises at a rapid pace and with a light weight. In contrast, heavy weight, helping to pump up muscles, it is premature to your situation. It is important to sustain the pace for at least 20 minutes and do a long pause. Very effective as classes on a stationary bike.


Watch your diet. Coaches call it "dry up." At this time, from the diet is necessary to eliminate or minimize the intake of simple carbohydrates (sweet, flour, starchy foods). Also, try to eat less fat.


Massage (foot massage, body massage, anti-cellulitemassage) very well affect the condition of your feet. The main thing - do it regularly, at least 2 times a week. Massage increases blood circulation in the massaged area and helps to remove various toxins faster. Muscle massage after come in tone, the skin tightens and becomes more elastic.
Do not worry if you do not have time or opportunity to visit a massage therapist. The effect of regular self-massage is also amaze you.


Anti-cellulite creams are effective, but only ifcombine them with the remaining steps. If you do not exercise and watch your diet, of course, it makes no sense to buy their own expensive cream. But if you do all of the above and add to these actions, the regular use of anti-cellulite cream, you will make your legs thin even faster.

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