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How to make the most canopy

Canopy - a useful invention of man. He will save us from the sun and bad weather in the country, will protect the car from the snow and rain, if there is no garage.

Sitting under an awning, you can enjoy nature and drink tea without fear of scorch or wet.

Produce canopy is easy enough, it is quite possible to do it yourself.

You will need

  • Beam 100? 100 mm thick planks not less than 30 mm, roofing material, waste engine oil, a hammer, nails, polyethylene, a shovel, paint.



Find a place where the shed will be located anddetermine how many racks will need for it. If the canopy is small enough 4 racks if it is quite long, you will need to put 6 or 8. Mark the space and dig at an equal distance from each other by the number of pit-rack supports. Lubricate the lower ends of the racks waste oil, wrap them with plastic bags attached to the tree with wire. This will prevent the rack from rotting. Then place the supports in the holes, using a plumb-line check of verticality. Then pour in the gravel pit and fill with cement pillar. When the cement hardens, it is possible to bury the rack and around the rammed earth.

How to make the most canopy


Next, it is necessary to mark the position of the rafters. They will be mounted on the boards, from which you build up a beam. Mark out where they will be in the rafters, it is possible, aligning the board with their ends. The beam should be put in such a way that it went beyond the far extreme stance. The magnitude of this output should be the same as the gutter.
Then drill a hole beams and uprights. Secure structure using bolts and nuts. Better to do it together, and under the bolt heads and nuts washers put wide. Put on a rafter beams and nail them with nails. It is better to do it through a metal pad. Rafters should be positioned so as to form a small slope. It is necessary to roof overhang does not accumulate water.

How to make the most canopy


Nail the side rails to the ends of the rafters, theninstall gutter and attach to the side ledges of the front and rear rails. It is also possible to make the upper struts. It is beautiful, besides, they can encircle the plants that you plant later below. Now, the roof can be laid. It is possible to make the roof of a metal roofing sheet of translucent or other material. They should be attached to the roof frame. So, your canopy is ready, it can be painted or covered with a special waterproof impregnation.

How to make the most canopy

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