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How to make a background in a blog


How to make a background in a blog</a>

Blogs nowadays have completely replaced peoplePersonal diaries in notebooks. We wrote them at school, let them read to our best friends, and now, rereading, we smile at our emotions and feelings. Now all experiences, moods and impressions are exposed to the public.

Blogs have become very popular, people communicate, upload their creativity, photos.

You will need

  • - computer with Internet access
  • - Browser
  • - basic skills of html-layout



Open the browser and go to the pageBgpatterns.com to make a background for your blog. On the site, you can select a background from the proposed options. Select the Color tab, activate the Background Color Change mode. In the upper right corner, select the color zone, or assign the desired color using a six-digit numeric code. Click the Canvas tab and select the desired gradient (background) for the new background. After that, select the Image tab and select the desired image. On the Rotate tab, rotate the image as needed. Then click on the Download image command, which is on the right, then save the received background to your computer.


Determine how you created your blog. If a template was used and it was saved on your computer, run the FileZilla program, use it to cPanel, go to the blog template, delete the old background if you had it and put a new background.


Go to the blogger page.Com if your blog was created there. To create a blog background, download the previously created or another image you found, save it to the site radikal.ru. Go to the blog settings. Go to the Layout tab, then change the HTML. Find a place in the code where there is a description of the body tag {... ..} and copy the Toda link to your image, with the help of which you want to make a background in the background field. You will get something like this:
Body {
Margin: 0-
Padding: 0-
Font-size: small-
Text-align: center-
Color: $ textColor-
Line-height: 1.3em-
Background: # FFF3DB url ("http://s54.radikal.ru/i144/0808/b7/0c8cdf28253f.jpg") repeat-


Go to the wordpress site, go to your blog,If you created it there, and to put the background, go to the setup menu and select the menu command "Custom Background". Select a pre-determined picture that you want to use as a background from your computer. Next, select the "Tile the background" option, which will stretch the background to the entire site.

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