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How to make a stuffed owl


How to make a stuffed owl</a>

Often we see how beautiful stuffed animals and birds are adorned with hunting lodges, museums, cafes and bars, etc.

This kind of interior element is perfectly combined with different styles and directions.

You can put a stuffed bird or an animal on a summer terrace, in a large training hall or any other institution, in the office or at home.

Perhaps, all without exception, it is interesting to see or have a stuffed beast at home, but not everyone knows how these scarecrows are made, but this is a rather laborious and very interesting process.



Take the killed owl and measure with the ruler its body (length and thickness), wings (length), neck and legs.
Write down all the dimensions on the sheet. This is an important stage in the work: if you have not removed the original measurements of game, then it will be very difficult to do, and in some cases it is completely impossible. At the same time, remember that your scarecrow should be made a little smaller than real.
Prepare a cloth to wipe the blood.


Put the owl on your back. Spread the feathers on the bird's chest and, taking a wide scalpel, make an incision from the very beginning of the neck to the anus. The depth of the hole does not matter, so you can safely cut it without fear of making it too deep. However, the insides of the bird should not fall out, that is, the incision must be superficial.


Separate the skin of an owl with a thin scalpelTogether with feathers from meat, cutting off all the connective fibers, muscles and subcutaneous thin film. Remember, though. That the skin is removed easily only on the carcass itself, on legs, wings and head it is rather difficult to do. Care and accuracy are necessary here. Begin with your feet and take off a little to the shin joint, then bite the joint with pliers and release through the abdominal incision. Do the same with the other leg.


Cut off the tail and cut above the fastenerTail feathers to the carcase. In this case, the tail should be cut off with the coccyx. With all these works, remember, the feathers of the bird should not be stained with blood, the drops should be wiped and sprinkled with starch. Gutting the bird, remember - you should release as much as possible all the bones and skin areas from the meat.


Cut off the bare skull from the carcase and remove the tongue,Muscles and eyes. This should be done through the occipital bone. Clean the prepared skin removed from grease and meat residues. Wipe the skin with a plain paper towel and sprinkle with starch. If feathers are stained, wash them with warm water and soap and dry well.


Etch prepared skin and skull solutionArsenious sodium. At the same time, observe safety precautions and work only with rubber gloves. Insert in the eye sockets purchased eyes of the right size or pieces of plasticine, rolled into balls.


Make a base for the scarecrow. The basis can be made from plaster, the appropriate size, which you wrote down on paper, and also from a wooden blank, wrapping it in a subsequent gauze or bandage from any other suitable materials.


Put the base into the skin. In this case, a thick wire should be inserted into the skull, legs and wings. If the wings of the owl are in an undisclosed state, they can be fixed by sewing to the body. Sew the skin of the bird with threads in the color of the feathers.


Give the owl the right pose and put the feathers in order, smoothing them in the right position.
The stuffed owl is ready, put it on a branch and fasten it with a wire.

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