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How to make a label

How to make a label

A great way to express yourself can be made sticker, design and text that have come up with yourself.

If a few years ago to make the sticker could just printing conditions, but today it is under the power of any user.

You will need

  • Paper with adhesive, transparent self-adhesive film or a transparent tape, laser or ink-jet color printer, any editing scissors.



First you need to think of design labels. It can be any image with bright inscription. The image should be processed in any available editing software such as Photoshop, Picasa or ACDSee and cause the picture is displayed.


If you have an inkjet printer, print the label onprinting on plain paper using an adhesive basis. After the image is printed, it is possible to paste over the top a transparent self-adhesive film to protect from moisture.


If you are the owner of a color laser printer,you can use to print on glossy paper adhesive based? it will be the ideal option for labels. Laser printing, unlike the jet not? Float? in contact to moisture.

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