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How to make a gun for spearfishing


How to make a gun for spearfishing</a>

No amateur spearfish has yet been able toDo without a special underwater gun. Underwater guns serve for fishing at a sufficiently large depth, in them, unlike conventional guns, do not use bullets.

Shoot underwater guns with special spears or darts.

It is quite simple to make this gun, at the same time it is very reliable in operation.

You will need

  • - special, thermally treated spring with anti-corrosion coating
  • - wire 2mm in diameter
  • - Duralumin tube for the trunk, 12.5 - 13 mm in diameter
  • - two plates - kapron, beech, aluminum, oak - for the handle
  • - Rod of stainless steel with a diameter of 6-8 mm - for the harpoon



Cut the thread from the two ends of the duralumin tube and cut the groove under the plug, 150-170 mm long. Turn out the blower and the plug. Drill a hole in the plug for the harpoon.


Clamp the grip plates in a vice and drill a hole for the barrel. Cut out the contours of the handle and make a sample depth of 3.5 mm under the trigger.


Connect both halves of the handle to the barrel and press them with screws. Prepare the trigger. This is already a fairly simple metalwork.


Make a harpoon of stainless steel. The bushing to which the tench is attached must slide over the harpoon. It must rest against the shank and be absorbed by the fluoroplastic ring.


Cut out the steel strip from the strip of steel and attach it with two screws to the stem plug. The gun is ready.

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