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How to make soft jeans

Denim - tight, and sometimes quite hard stuff. Jeans can irritate the delicate and sensitive skin, especially in children.

But the stiffness often associated not with the material,and a color fixative, which causes less discomfort. Of course, you can just pay attention to it, but not always a person thinks, enjoying a new thing.

If you experience discomfort due to tissue stiffness, try to soften it a bit.



Wash the first time using a conventionalpowder, but put a little more than the norm. Thoroughly rinse jeans. But drying is not necessary, they must also handle a few times. On the first wash you remove only a portion of the substance that was used in the process of manufacture.


Now, once again wash the thing, but on ahigh temperature and supplemented with 1 tbsp. baking soda to 5 liters of water. Washing machine takes a maximum of 10 liters per wash, the amount of water consumption appliances you can see in the documents to her. Soda will not spoil even the brightest color fabrics, so worry about the safety of the material is not necessary.


Good rinse powder, water should notfoaming during the penultimate rinse. And in the last rinse, add a double dose of the air conditioner. In the next few washings and add soda and do not forget the air conditioner. Already after 3-4 such procedures will become softer cotton jeans.


Iron the not yet dosohshie pants and do not put too high a heating temperature of the iron. The heat also makes denim tight. In principle, they generally can not iron if they do not greatly wrinkled.

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