How to make snorkel on uaz

How to make snorkel on uaz</a>

Self-made snorkels made of aluminum pipe, rubber corners and corrugation have a simple production technology at home.

The design is durable, sufficient for operation in conditions of heavy terrain.

You will need

  • - Aluminum or polyethylene pipes-
  • - rubber corner-
  • - corrugated-
  • - Fasteners.



Take the rubber corners from the engine ZMZ-406. They are suitable for pipes with a diameter of 70 and 75 mm. Use the corrugation from either the same motor, or from AZLK-2141. The latter option is preferable, because Has greater rigidity and fewer folds (air resistance decreases). The diameter of its necks is designed for pipes with a diameter of 75-80 mm. Pipes take aluminum, diameter 70 or 75 mm with a wall thickness of 3 mm. Attractive option with polyethylene pipes: they are rather soft and do not break when strikes branches and trees.


Snorkel Make up of two pipes: Horizontal and vertical. Aluminum pipe is easier to take and bend at the desired angle. Connect the plastic pipes with rubber corners. Attach the horizontal part of the snorkel to the UAZ wing using two simple curved brackets and clamps. Brackets made of aluminum strip, 2 mm thick.


The vertical part of the snorkel is fixed from below by threeBolts of a windshield, from above - two bolts for a welded corner. Do not use the fixing to the drainage - it is unreliable. And made corner can be used as a radio antenna bracket. The inner (under-hood) horizontal pipe is docked with the air filter using corrugation. To ensure the tightness of the joint, brew the air filter inlet. Recommended pipe lengths: vertical 95 cm, both horizontal (internal and external) 45 cm.


To install the snorkel, make a hole in theThe wall of the engine compartment to the left of the battery. Remove the inner tube through this hole and connect the rubber corner with the outer horizontal pipe. Carefully seal all pipe connections, the place where the snorkel is connected to the air filter and the outlet of the pipe from the engine compartment, otherwise water will enter through it into the interior. The opening itself is reinforced with a welded steel strip 1.5 mm wide, not less than 20 mm, rolled up by a ring.

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