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HOW do snorkel on vas

How to snorkel on the vas

Independently shnorkeli made of aluminum pipe, and corrugated rubber parts have a simple production technology at home.

The design turns tough, enough for use in severe off-road conditions.

You will need

  • - Aluminum or plastic truby-
  • - Rubber ugolki-
  • - gofr-
  • - Fasteners.



Rubber corners bring the engine ZMZ-406. They are suitable for pipe diameters 70 and 75 mm. Use bellows or from the same motor, or by AZLK 2141. The latter option is preferred, because It has greater rigidity and lesser number of folds (reduced air resistance). The diameter of its necks for pipes with a diameter of 75-80 mm. Take aluminum pipe, diameter 70 or 75 mm with a wall thickness of 3 mm. Attractive option to plastic pipes: they are fairly soft and not break under the stress of branches and trees.


Snorkel make up of two tubes: horizontal and vertical. The aluminum pipe is easier to take and bend at the desired angle. Plastic tubes connect with rubber corners. The horizontal part of the snorkel attach to the wing Oise using two simple curved brackets and clamps. Brackets are made of aluminum strips, 2 mm thick.


The vertical part of the snorkel bottom fix threeWindshield bolts from above - two bolts of welded area. Fixing to the drain, do not use - is unreliable. And made area can be used as a walkie-talkie antenna bracket. The internal (engine compartment) horizontal pipe dock with the air filter using the corrugation. To ensure the tightness of the connection digest input air filter. Recommended tube length: 95 cm vertical, both horizontal (internal and external) of 45 cm.


To install the snorkel make a hole inwall of the engine compartment on the left of the battery. Bring the inner tube through the hole and the rubber dock area on the outside of the horizontal pipe. Carefully seal all pipe connections, the point of attachment to the air filter snorkel and exit place pipe from the engine compartment, otherwise it will fall through the water in the interior. Needless to strengthen the hole welded steel strip 1.5 mm in width not less than 20 mm, folded ring.

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