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HOW to make shutters for windows

How to make shutters for windows

Shutters on the windows, no doubt, give them originality and unique style.

If you want to accentuate the windows in your home, add them to the outer folding shutters.

Make and mount the element of decor can be their own hands.

You will need

  • Boards, hacksaw on wood planer, metal hinges, screws, screwdriver or electric screwdriver, knife



Folding wooden shutters protect the premises frombright sunlight. consider the distance between the windows When making shutters: if it is not too large, then install the shutters swing open in both directions, will be problematic. In this case, the shutters can be built of two valves connected by hinges. These shutters will be formed at the opening and hold the release.


The design of the shutters can be very different, it depends on your technological capabilities and material that you have.


For greater visual appeal shuttersdockable window on the box should be mounted with overlapping slopes, not flush with them. The valve will be mounted on the inside. It is possible to provide a special locking mechanism that does not allow to open the shutters outside.


Finishing their shutters includes sanding, priming and painting. Use paint for outdoor surfaces.


When you install the shutters mark on their position loops. Drill holes in the shutters Wizard. Attach the hinges with screws.


Crosspoint hinges attach to one side of the bivalve shutter in two places (top and bottom). Align the position of the shutter. If necessary, use wooden spacer.


In the wall, do the holes and push them into the dowels. Screw in the bracket with dowels sleeves, which are used to adjust the position of the shutter.


Hang the shutters and adjust their position by means of plugs. Folded shutters secure the hook and latch. Provide latch to secure the shutter to the wall.

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