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How to make a shortcut to the program


How to make a shortcut to the program</a>

Probably, every PC user has his own set of programs, which he uses every day.

But when you see the same labels day after day, there is a desire to make at least some variety.

And what if the ready-made icons do not suit you?

Draw the icon by yourself!

It will not take you much time.



To create your own label does not necessarilySet yourself such multifunctional packages for working with graphics, like Photoshop or free GIMP, although this, in principle, is also not difficult. A more reasonable solution would be the use of highly specialized programs for creating icons.


Download the "Icon Studio" program. Install it on the computer. After installation, at the first start, you will see a warning that this program is given for free use only for 30 days. However, there is no need to immediately purchase a registration key. After the expiration of the trial period, delete your program and download it again, after installation, receive another 1 month of free use.


Select the settings you need for the first timeStart the program by simply pressing the "OK" button. However, focus should be only on the last dialog box, where you will be asked to choose the dimension of the future picture and its color range. After selecting these settings, you will be taken to the window for creating a new picture directly.


Choose the menu items "File" - "Save" after creating the icon and save the file in the desired location.


Go to the desktop area and selectA shortcut that you would like to replace with your own. Click the shortcut with the right mouse button, calling the context menu. In the menu, use the "Properties" item (the last one in the list). Before you open the window for editing the settings of the selected icon.


Click the "Change icon" button on the "Shortcut" tab (this tab is opened by default).


Select the shortcut file in the window that appearsPressing the "Browse" button. After the icon is downloaded, it will appear in the list of available shortcuts. Select it and click "OK", after which you will notice that the icon you created will be displayed in the initial settings window of the shortcut settings.

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