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How to make a Schengen visa for a year


How to make a Schengen visa for a year</a>

Anyone who plans a trip to Europe, it is necessary first of all to take care of the drawing up of a document that will help to overcome the border. Such a document is a Schengen visa.

If you do not pay enough attention to this document, then instead of a pleasant trip and vivid impressions of the trip, you can get a bitter disappointment.

Without a properly issued Schengen visa, entry into the countries of the European Union is not possible.



To obtain a Schengen visa, you must:

1. One photo, measuring 37x47 mm, on a gray background.

2. Valid international passport.

3. Insurance policy for travelers abroad.

4. A questionnaire filled in neatly in block letters in one copy on the computer or by hand. Her applicant signs personally. The visa application form is filled in Latin letters.

5. An old passport with a note of previous trips abroad.

6. Documents or relevant information describing the conditions and purposes of the trip (invitation, booking, employer's letter of enclosure).

7. A birth certificate must be attached to the application of the minor applicant, a copy of which must be made in advance.


It is not often, but sometimes it happens that the Consulate asks, in addition to the listed additional documents:

- a certificate of the birth of children (photocopy) -

- certificate of marriage (photocopy) -

- civil passport (photocopy) -

- certificate from the place of work (rarely required) -

Be ready to provide the listed documents on demand, at least the certificate of marriage and the birth of children, a civil passport.


All collected documents are submitted to the visa department of the consulate.


After submitting documents, you must pay the visa fee for two days.


The consular officer checks the submitted documents. In case of proper registration, he takes all and issues a receipt for payment of the consular fee.


You pay a consular fee and get back your passport with a visa.

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