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How do indoor fountain

How to make the indoor fountain

If you want to refine your apartment, you add to it an element of nature, the easiest and most effective way - to build your own fountain.

Indeed, to buy expensive or a little attractive options is entirely optional.

If you consider yourself a creative person and are not afraid to try their hand, you need only a small guide to make room like a fountain.



Decide where to house fountain. It depends on the size and complexity of the installation. After that perform measurements and calculate what is the space you have available. Note that you should not do fountain right next to the wooden furniture or other objects,that could be affected due to water. If you have pets, children, then consider when designing that they both can upset the unstable structure, and harming himself and everything around him.


Start your search for particles fountaina. That's right, you have to collect your future work of art of various little things that have homes: brought from the sea shells that are gathering dust on back shelves, sprinkled jewelery, to which hardly have come back unnecessary trunks, boxes, artificial palm tree, a small Buddha just a nice pot - this is an excellent basis for future water supply.

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Regarding the form itself fountainbut better to go to a plant store and pick up beautiful, and most importantly - a huge pot, and in which all of your design will be.


Visit the hardware store and ask for help from a counselor. It will help you to choose a motor for driving of water and all the other necessary work fountainand things. Building construction will not take much of your time. All that you are likely to do - is connect the silicone tube with the motor and install it in the bottom of the pot.


Start decorating fountaina. See examples on the Internet or do it yourself. In any case, all you have left - is to come up with an external image of your design, and fountain ready!

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