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HOW to make road sign

How to make a road sign

The first signs appeared along with the car.

They considered the birthplace of Paris, where in order to prevent accidents between cars and horses began to put special signs and inscriptions.

At first there were only warning signs, then they became more and more, because of the increasing number of cars on the road.

Now their number is very large, and the usual composition was formed not so long ago, in the twentieth century.



Produce a road sign at homecan if necessary materials and equipment. First, find a suitable support, which will be attached directly to the sign itself. This may be a small diameter tube, wooden board, or it can be simply mounted on the existing terrain.


Take a piece of galvanized steel and cutthe desired size and shape of the mark, for the strength and stability make two layers. Do not forget to mount on the back side, otherwise it will have to make in the finished product, which can significantly damage it.

How to make a road sign


The basis for the reflective cover platefilm. Always apply it on a dry and clean surface with no trace of corrosion. Further processed alcohol for degreasing and better traction. The film can be applied on an uneven surface, a rough and jagged. Good quality material and provide color and immutability in the daytime and at night. Clean film with detergent solution in water. After washing with water cleanse film.


Apply a film image of a road sign. You can use pre-made template or blank. The image can be made using paint or tape pasted corresponding color. Then dry sign, wipe it, and set to the place where it should be.

How to make a road sign

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