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HOW to make recalculation of the rent

How to make a recalculation of the rent

Get recalculate have on public servicesright of a person temporarily absent from the place of residence, that is, those who do not use the services: gas, hot and cold water, electricity and sanitation.

Such services are calculated according to the standards of consumption.

Reducing the cost of services happens if the user was absent for at least five days. , It is necessary to make the conversion:



Collect documents proving timeabsence. The list of documents is not closed, it can be: traveling certificate stamped on arrival and departure, a passport with a stamp on the exit and entry to the Russian Federation, certificate of being in hospital, tickets and others. The number of days of absence included days of departure and arrival.


Submit a written application to the control of the organization with the requirement recalculatione. This must be done within one month from the date of return. In the presence of meters (counters with hot and cold water, gas), the payment is for the actual amount consumed.


The housing organization itself produces a decrease in the amounts accrued within five days from the date of receipt of the application. Receipt from recalculationom send in the next payment period (month). Reducing the cost of services is made in proportion to the number of days of absence.


Make a claim for reducing the cost of customer service has the right to communication services of inadequate quality or intermittent more established.

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