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HOW to make rabbit ears on her head

How to make a rabbit ears on her head

You want to make a great impression on their friends during the festivities?

Or just to please the child in the children's holiday unusual attire?

Create a rabbit ears on his head, which will give your image a highlight.

You will need

  • -Obodok
  • -Chёrnoe lace
  • -4 Black bendable wire
  • -Needle
  • -Nit In tone



The rim is selected according to the size of his head, toit is not pressed strongly, and not subsided. Once you have tried it and made the right choice, take 4 black bendable wire (you can buy them at any store decor). Put them together in such a way as to obtain two whole template ears. Firmly attach it to the rim.


Take the lace. Cut a rectangle out of it, which is a few centimeters over your ear.


Thread the thread in the needle. Sew a cut blank, to the already preformed ear. If you do not want to sew, use a transparent adhesive.


Trim excess fabric from both ears. Your rabbit ears for the masquerade party or are ready!

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