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How to make a professional photo


How to make a professional photo</a>

Who does not want to have at least a few really beautiful photos in his photo album?

Or maybe even put a couple of them on a wall in a frame. In this case, go to the photographer.

And if you want to do professional shots yourself, then you will have to learn a few simple rules.

Study the theory and get down to practice.



There are people who say that for goodYou do not need to have a good camera. It's almost enough for your cell phone. Nonsense. If you want to make professional photos? Buy a good camera. No soap tray and no mobile phone will not be able to do everything that a good SLR camera will do. Mirrors are divided into two levels: amateur and professional. Professional opportunities are more, but they are more expensive. Start better with amateur cameras and gradually move to higher-end cameras. To choose your camera, you have to reread the mountain of information, view hundreds of pictures, search for reviews and ratings.

Choose a good camera.


Choice of the camera can also depend on the genre,Which you are going to work with. Some devices are sharpened for studio shooting, and some - under the reportage. Therefore, you will need to familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of different cameras. The same applies to the choice of optics. Such parameters as focal length, light intensity, stabilization also depend on what you will shoot and in what conditions. In addition, a specific genre may require the availability of specific accessories. For example, for portrait shooting, you need a flash, an umbrella and a reflector, and for photography in the evening and a landscape photo, a tripod is required.

Provide yourself with the necessary accessories.


Read, but better well learn the theory. Know what aperture, aperture, shutter speed, exposure, photosensitivity, etc. are. Just necessary. Perfect option ? Study the theory and constantly consolidate it in practice.

Learn the theory.


Another important thing? Correct aspect. You can take a picture of a woman so that she immediately runs to a plastic surgeon. And you can make a pretty slender lady out of a pussy. When shooting a portrait, do not remove it from above, so as not to distort the picture. Shooting from the bottom is also used only if necessary to create a certain effect (for example, lengthen the legs).

Choose a profitable angle.


As for lighting. Never point a flash or other light at the victim's forehead. The face in the picture will be flat, frowned-screwed-twisted (remember the feeling when the sun blinds your eyes). For this reason, it is better not to use the built-in flashes, but to buy an external flash or a set of pulsed light.

Use light as an artistic medium.


Shooting with natural light also requiresCompliance with this rule. Do not put the model face to the sun. It is better to use the sun as a source of backlight (lighting from the back) and face it with a flash or a reflector. Very beautiful pictures can be taken early in the morning or in the evening, when the sun is low and the shadows turn out to be very long and beautiful. Another important feature of light. It can be tough, which will lead to sharper and deeper shadows. And maybe it's soft, then the shadows will be softer. Both can be successfully used in photography and receive wonderful professional pictures.

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