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How to print to a document


How to print to a document</a>

Each legal entity must have its own seal. Businesses do not have such an obligation, but practice shows that it is better to have it.

Print production is not complex and is inexpensive, and in any more or less large city there is a sufficient number of organizations that provide this service.

You will need

  • - the name of the organization or IP-
  • - OGRN-
  • - money to pay for printing.



Mandatory information, which must include the official Printing: Name of entrepreneur or organization, OGRNAnd the city of the firm's location or IP. All these data are in the certificate of state registration of the IP or firm. However, you usually do not need to show this document. It is enough to name these data when ordering or to enter them into the online form when contacting the manufacturer's website.


Along with the official PrintingThe form of a round seal is acceptable "forDocuments ". Such an imprint is usually assured by non-financial papers and others, on which the availability of an official seal is not required. For example, information requests, business certificates, etc. This can be convenient when a legal entity and its associated brand have different names. For example, the company "Publishing House" publishes the newspaper "Evening News" and several other publications. In this case, it is more logical to put it on the papers issuing directly from each publication Printing. When ordering such an impression, it must be stipulated that Printing Needed for documents. The city of location is also indicated. If available, you can reflect the license number, registration certificates, etc., for solidity.


The order of payment and delivery of the order depends onAdopted by the manufacturer of policy seals. Some need prepayment, others can make money upon receipt of the order. Somewhere the delivery is included in the cost of the order, somewhere for a fee, somewhere only the pickup is offered. In any case, you need to wait for the print ready and get it.

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