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HOW to make plasterboard wall

How to make a plasterboard wall

Sometimes it is necessary to repair drywall partitions to more efficiently plan the room.

Plasterboard wall mounted through the metal frame of the rack profiles, which are attached to the supporting structures of the room.

You will need

  • Screwdrivers, hammer, hammer, screwdriver,laser or ordinary level, painting otbivochnogo cord or thread, a knife and an angle of 90 degrees, as well as the profile of the metal carcass and sheets of drywall.



On the floor is done to mark locationnext partition. Using a level and plumb, transferred walls border on the walls and ceiling. With otbivochnogo cord kicking line on the walls, the ceiling and the floor for further mounting frame walls.


The ceiling and the floor on the planned lines are fixedguide profile anchors, pre-drilled holes for them in increments of one meter. Slice the profile of the desired length with scissors or a metal grinder. Next is a set of frame profiles using the parking. First lay the profile set against a wall and raskreplyaetsya and dowels. Next set at a distance of 55 cm from the wall. Follow parking Profile inserted every 60 cm. All of them are attached to the guide profile presekatelem on both sides. Between the posts, if needed, can pave the insulation material. This installation is finished steel.


In the next stage baffle assemblyfastened to the drywall sheets to the structure erected. GCR leaf thinning at the edges are necessary for the joint filler and finish drywall sheets. Before mounting the first sheet of plasterboard from wall thinning is cut with a knife and a molar chamfered at an angle of 20-30 degrees. Sheets of plasterboard are attached to the frame with screws using a screwdriver with a 25 cm. Also, when installing drywall sheets must be remembered that the sheet has to be fixed in one centimeter from the floor, the material does not spoil. Installation of partitions finished. You can start and finish Wallcovering.

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