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HOW to make case for Felt phone

How to make a case for the phone of felt

Tired of boring monotonous Case?

Fashioned from felt for five minutes, cover with your favorite cartoon.

You will need

  • -Fetr (Blue, green, red, yellow, purple, blue).
  • -White thread
  • -Kontrastnye Thread in color background
  • -Igla Or sewing machine
  • -Glue



Remove the measurements of your phone. At the tissue and put them + 2 cm at the seams. From felt cut out the figures for balls and home.


With the help of a sewing machine and contrasting threads connect the two parts of your cover. On the glue stick house and balls. Please note that the balls are glued to each other, not completely.


Allow the glue to dry, and you can safely use your cover for your phone.

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