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How to make a nylon doll


How to make a nylon doll</a>

Dolls made of nylon pantyhose or socks can be made with your own hands.

Involve children in the creative process, because playing with your own hand made a doll is much more interesting.

At achievement of certain skills you can create original gifts for your relatives and friends.

You will need

  • - tights-
  • - long needle-
  • - thread or thin line-
  • - foam rubber-
  • - sintepon and sintepuh-
  • - wire.



Decide what size the toy will be. To do this, draw an approximate full-size sketch on a sheet of paper. So it will be convenient for you to apply the resulting details to make the doll look like a conceived one.


Choose the material of the color you need. Thanks to a wide range of produced pantyhose, you will not have problems. Try not to take a very tight nylon, it does not stretch well.


Make a head from a suitable piece of capron. Fill it with felts or cotton wool. If you use a sintepon, tear it with your hands, and do not cut it with scissors. Then the surface, covered by a nylon, will turn out to be more smooth.


Form a puppet face. Place the lump of the filler where the nose will be, and pull it with threads and a needle. Also put cheeks and superciliary arches. Sew a hole through which the head was stuffed.


Create a face for your toy. For the eyes, you can use the applique or embroider them with colored threads. For eyelashes and eyebrows, you can use pieces of skin. Hair make of thick woolen threads or fur.


Make a skeleton for a future doll of thickWire. Cut off a few wire lengths with wire cutters and twist them together with pliers. Form the hands and feet of the doll, constantly check with the sketch to observe the proportions. Give the skeleton the necessary pose.


Slice foam into thin long strips andWrap the skeleton around them. Apply winding evenly so that there are no flops or blisters. On top coat foam with strips of sintepon. To hold the winding firmly, fasten it with hot glue, threads or a fishing line.


With the help of pins, create the necessaryThickening on the doll. If necessary, add a volume of sintepon or sinters. Look closely at the torso, arms and legs. If the result suits you, drag the pinched places with threads or a fishing line.


Pull the skeleton nylon. Tightly sew it to the figure. Put the head on the left piece of the skeleton, which symbolizes the neck, and sew the body to the head. Make clothes for the doll. Add the necessary details to its image, and your homemade toy is ready.

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