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HOW to make nylon doll

How to make nylon doll

Dolls of nylon stockings or socks can be made with your own hands.

Involve children in the creative process, because to make a doll to play with his own much more interesting.

Upon reaching certain skill, you can create unique gifts for your loved ones and friends.

You will need

  • - kolgotki-
  • - Long igla-
  • - Thread or thin leska-
  • - porolon-
  • - Sintepon and sintepuh-
  • - Wire.



Decide what size will be a toy. To do this, draw a rough sketch of a full-size sheet of paper. So it is convenient to put the resulting parts to doll out like a conceived.


Pick the color you need material. Thanks to a wide range of manufactured tights, problems you will not have. Try not to take very tight nylon, it is badly stretched.


Make the head of a suitable piece of nylon. Tamp it sintepuh or wool. If you are using padding polyester, tear his hands, and do not cut with scissors. Then the surface, covered with nylon, will be more smooth.


Shape the doll's face. Place a ball of filling to the place where is the nose, Utena and its thread and needle. Also enclose cheeks and eyebrows. Sew the opening through which the packed head.


Create the face of your toy. For the eyes, you can use the appliqué and embroidered them with colored threads. For eyelashes and eyebrows, you can use pieces of skin. Hair made from thick woolen threads or fur.


Make the skeleton for the future of the large dollswire. Cut several lengths of wire cutters and twist them together with pliers. Shape the doll arms and legs constantly verify with a sketch to observe proportion. Give the skeleton required position.


Cut the foam into thin long strips andwrap their skeleton. Superimposed winding smoothly, that there are no gaps and blisters. Top cover with foam padding polyester strips. To keep a tight coil, fasten it with hot glue, thread or fishing line.


With the help of pins, create the necessarythickening on the doll. If necessary, add the amount of synthetic padding or sintepuh. Take a good look on the trunk, arms and legs. If you are satisfied, drag the pin pinned place thread or fishing line.


Stretch nylon on the skeleton. Tightly hem him in a figure. Insert the head on the left piece of the skeleton, which symbolizes the neck, torso and sew to head. Make clothes for dolls. Add the necessary details to its image and your self-made toy ready.

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