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How to make a noise insulation doors

Noise insulation is used not only for the door of the house or office.

Noise is a must to any car, even the foreign car.

Most car owners trust the installation of insulation materials for service centers, but you can glue the door and on their own.

You will need

  • Vibroplasta M1 BiMast Bombs, insulation bitoplast, giprochny knife pressure rollers, degreaser, construction hairdryer, scissors, marker, Roulette



Remove the trim from the doors of the car. To do this, remove the screws that are in the door handle. Then unclip bugs through a slot-head screwdriver. In order not to damage the enamel door, wrap the tape screwdriver. Once you unfastened bugs, lift the casing up and unbuckle her back. Then unbuckle rope handles and wires going to the window.


Peel off the plastic film attached to thecar door. Degrease the surface of the door, to put on her sound insulation. If you find a factory sound insulation, do not worry and do not try to remove it. On top of the factory put your soundproofing.


Cut vibroplasta M1. They seal the exterior of the door from the inside. Not necessarily prokleivat entire surface, enough to cover a large part of the door. Then firmly press vibroplasta M1 surface-to-door. To do this, it rolled on a roller or the back of a screwdriver.


Seal the factory mounting holes. To do this, prepare soundproofing BiMast Bombs. Cut it out a few centimeters longer holes. Attach BiMast Bombs by building dryer. Prior to this, heat it and flatten firmly on the surface of the door. Do the same with all the other doors.


After that, in all the places of contact of skin with the door soundproofing glue Bitoplast A 10 C. Cut it into thin strips and seal the joints. On request, you can glue the entire surface.

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