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How to compose music

The most important thing in composing music - to find an idea!

The debate about whether it is possible to teach a person to compose music or not, is a very long time. Opponents of the idea argue that the creative process is irrational, controlled only the inspiration and the gift.

Proponents believe that everything in the world is ordered (or should be ordered) and subject to the logic.

In this value system places a thin mother's remains.

But let's not try to resolve the dispute,Instead, we try to formulate some recommendations for those who want to write music that will be useful as adherents of a rational approach, as well as their opponents.

You will need

  • - Dictaphone
  • - musical instrument
  • - Where you are able to play



Decide what you need. It's really important. You must understand that and who want to inform their future work, some thought, what a feeling you want to express what kind of effect you want to get away from his creation. Determine the theme and idea of ​​the work. Even if instrumental music, it has a theme and the idea should be.


Listen to music. Start with those musicians whose sound you think suitable for your future spirit of the composition. Choose from these, the most recognized masters. Listen to their composition and try to determine what exactly they call love of the audience. Note that the means by which the musicians achieve impact on your emotions. Celebrate yourself for original musical passages. All this can help you in creating your composition.
Listen also to the classics. It is in their works can be found most interesting melodic, rhythmic and harmonic solutions. Even if you are going to compose electronic music, you will not be superfluous to delve into the works of masters of the world music culture. Yeah, maybe, not all authors will be close to you. But the world of classical music is so diverse that you can be almost sure that you will find for yourself even one that touches the strings of your soul.


Learn the basics of the game on any musical instrument.


Learn the basics of solfeggio. The absence of even basic skills in this area could significantly complicate your work on the composition.


Make yourself comfortable environment for creativity to anything you are not distracted. It will be useful to prepare the recorder.


Try to imagine the images related to the topicyour future music. Concentrate on the sensations. Turn on the tape recorder. Try Now strum everything that comes to your mind, let it be even incoherent sounds. But try not to lose your images, make sure that the sounds broadcast your mood. Continue to improvise until you feel tired.


Relax. Let your thoughts switch to something else.


After a while, when you feel the desire to(This can be an hour, a week later), listen to the recording. Determine what you place in it seem to be the most interesting. Also, pay attention to which tiles you are born in the images that you were in the recording process. Separate all these places and try to intelligently and efficiently is now based on them to create a composition.


Draw the structure of your work. Arrange the parts in the picture that you recycled, you can insert from the already recorded improvisation fragments. Think about how to fill in the missing places to work got connected and dynamic, will determine the future and the culmination of the other key points.


Depending on the style of the composition, make the arrangement, if desired.

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