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In Russia, the Federal Law, according towhich, since the issuance of new policies made mandatory health insurance from 1 May 2011. A new policy document called OMC single sample, which operates throughout the country.

It entitles citizens to receive free medical care in every region, town or village, regardless of registration.



The process of obtaining a single sample OMC policyIt consists of several stages. First, the citizen must choose a health maintenance organization (CMO), to which you want to apply for registration policy. Moreover, the possibility to replace the CMO is granted only once a year, not later than 1 November. The exception is a change of residence, or the termination of the insurance medical organization.


On the day of treatment to the insurance company is required toto have passport and snils (SNILS). Provide citizens with information, by all means check for the presence of double insurance in other organizations, as has the right to the presence of only one MLA policy. After that, the insured person writes an application and receives a temporary certificate, which confirms the fact of registration of obligatory medical insurance policy. Interim policy makes it possible to apply to the health care institutions within 30 working days.


After a certain amount of timecitizens will be given a permanent policy that will not have expiry dates. In addition, if the insured person suddenly appears a desire to change one insurance company to another, in this case, the replacement policy is not made. It will be made a corresponding mark. You should know that if a citizen does not apply to choice of replacement or the insurance company, it is assumed that it is insured that the insurance company, which was registered earlier.


All policies that were issued before January 1,2011, are valid. However, it is important to remember that by law they must be exchanged for a new model MHI policy before January 1, 2014. Citizens, having at the hands of such a policy, free medical assistance is guaranteed. Please note that to receive urgent medical care policy is required.

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