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How to make long-term styling yourself


How to make long-term styling yourself</a>

Long-term styling is needed to increase the volume of hair.

This is an analog of a perm, for it uses funds with a similar composition. But the long-term styling is more sparing and there are no steep curls in it, as in a perm.

The effect of a slight wave and the natural splendor of the hair is created.

Hair becomes obedient and soft.

In the process of saving the stacking, you can create various miracles on your head.

You can give hair the effect of "wet hair", you can completely straighten them.



Long-term Stowage It is better to do on short and medium (aboutShoulders) hair. In general, making it yourself is not so easy. If you need laying for 1-2 days, then this is easier. Now the market abundance of hair styling products, when applied to the hair, styling will persist for 1-2 days. It is enough just to lay or curl the hair using these tools and fix it with varnish.


If you want to do Stowage, Which will last for several weeks, or elseAnd months, here is the order of the other. It is done about 1.5 hours. To begin with, all hair needs to be wound on small and medium curlers, alternating them. This is done to create the volume. Then the hair should be moistened with a special solution with a neutral pH level and the addition of herbal extracts and wrap the head with a towel for 30 minutes. After this, the composition should be washed off, the curlers removed and the hair damped again with the compound.


Then you can apply a few masks to the hair to fix the result and reduce the damage to the hair. After stacking, you need to regularly use regenerating, nourishing and moisturizing masks.

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