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How to make a long-term self-stacking

How to make a long-term self-stacking

Long-laying need to increase the volume of hair.

This is analogous to a perm, for it uses funds with a similar composition. But long-term stowage is more gentle, and there is no steep curls, as in a chemical wave.

It creates the effect of a wave of light and splendor of the natural hair.

The hair becomes soft and obedient.

In the process of saving stacking is possible to create a variety of miracles on his head.

You can give your hair the effect of "wet hair", they can be and completely straighten.



The long-term stacking to do better on the short and medium (up to aboutshoulders) hair. In general, do it yourself is not so easy. If needed installation for 1-2 days, then this is easier. Now on the market an abundance of styling products, when applied to hair styling will persist for 1-2 days. Simply put, or curl your hair with the use of these funds and consolidate varnish.


If you want to make stackingWhich will be held a few weeks, and thenand months, there's a different procedure. Done it about 1.5 hours. To get started all you need to wind the hair on curlers small and medium, alternating between them. This is done to create volume. Next, it is necessary to moisten the hair with a special solution with neutral PH and the addition of herbs extracts and wrap head with a towel for 30 minutes. Thereafter, the composition should be washed off, remove the curlers and again wet the hair structure.


Then you can put on your hair a few masks to consolidate the results and reduce the harm to the hair. After the installation you need to regularly use restorative, nourishing and moisturizing masks.

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