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HOW to make jars

How to make jars

Flip back (jars) is an essential part of acrobatic jumps.

Members learning jars must hedge belt or ground, otherwise you can injure the neck and hands.



For revolutions there are a number of recommendations: bend your knees so that you are comfortable it was ottolknutsya-
pull the arms down and back to break up the hands.


Make maximum push hands and feetup. The head at the push necessary to raise as high as possible and as far as possible to lean back: because of this reversal will be more effective. If you turn to press his head to his knees, then jump to slow down the tempo, and screw the jump will not be possible.


Ungroup as soon as a personwould be parallel to the floor. Now begins the second part of the exercise - curvet (a bunch of hands on feet) to descend slightly bent arms, bending the entire body to the waist and at the same time squeezing the knees.


Very straighten your legs to push with straight arms on the floor. From inertia obtained by swing of his arms and legs from the strong push with your feet the body does not interrupt the rotational movement.


Landed in a little bent legs and socks. Landing on straightened legs is not necessary: ​​it is possible to dislocate the knee joint. Hands on landing at the same time laid back and straighten your body.

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