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How to make invitations for a birthday

How to make invitations for a birthday

Birthday - this is always a special day, whether it's a child's birthday or an adult.

One aspect of the preparation for the celebration is to create invitation cards, which are sent to guests.

Particular attention is given to the invitations should, if celebrated the birthday child: preparing invitations can be a great workout for the birthday of creative thinking.

Original cards made with their own hands, like all guests, where you want to see at the ceremony.



Think of such an invitation to helpGuests permanently preserve fond memories of your holiday. Together with your child, discuss what you write and draw on the invitation cards - ask your child to determine how the cards will look.


The invitations sure to registeraddress where the celebration will take place, as well as the date and time to which the guests have to come to you. Also, write in the invitation to your contact telephone number and approximate time of the end of the holiday.


If the day birth carried out in any particular style, write about it in the invitation, so that guests can prepare.


Make invitations watercolor and gouachepaints, markers, colored pencils, stickers and colorful drawings. Together with your child decorate invitations sequins and ribbons, use for decorating foil, wraps, candy wrappers, and more.


A child can leave on the invitation to sign or fingerprint.


Ready tickets are handed over to parents of children ifGuests are still small, or the children themselves, if they are old enough. Originally designed invitation will make future guests look forward to your holiday.

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