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How to make the Internet on the phone unlimited


How to make the Internet on the phone unlimited</a>

Almost every person uses dailyThe Internet to search for any information, because in this "web" you can find what you want information. The Internet gives us the opportunity to keep abreast of the latest news in the world, read your favorite magazines electronically, communicate with friends and much more.

Many cellular operators, having caught the consumer's demand, created such a service as unlimited Internet.

This service provides for the use of the Internet in any quantity, but for a monthly fee.

You will need

  • Phone, SIM card.



To connect unlimited the Internet From a mobile operator, you need to purchaseSim card in any office of this company. Also in many shopping centers there are representatives of cellular operators. For connection you need a passport or any other document proving your identity.


Next, you need to select a tariff that allows you to connect to an unlimited the Interneta. This information you can get both when buying a SIM card, or by calling the customer service center.


After choosing a tariff, you need to connect an unlimited package the Interneta. These packages are different and the cost is different. It all depends on the speed of data transfer and the amount of traffic at increased speed. You can connect packets in various ways: call the customer service center or use USSD-commands that you can learn in the InternetE on the official website of your operator.

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