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How To Make Internet Phone unlimited

How to make unlimited internet on your phone

Almost everyone uses on a daily basisInternet to search for any information, because in this "web" can find some information you want. The Internet gives us the opportunity to keep abreast of the latest news in the world, read your favorite magazines in electronic form, communicate with friends and much more.

Many mobile operators, catching the consumer's demand, have created this service as unlimited internet.

This service provides for the use of the Internet in any amount, but for a monthly fee.

You will need

  • Phone, sim card.



To connect unlimited the Internet at the mobile operator, you need to purchasesim card in any office of the company. Also, in many shopping centers have representatives of the mobile operators. To connect you need a passport or any other document proving your identity.


Next you need to choose the tariff that provides the ability to connect unlimited the Interneta. The information you can get when buying a sim card and call the Customer Service Center.


After you select the tariff you need to connect the unlimited package the Interneta. These packages are different and the cost of them is different. It depends on the data rate and the amount of traffic at high speeds. Connect packages are a variety of ways: call the Customer Service Center or by using the USSD-command, which can be found at the Internete on your carrier's official website.

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