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How to make a goose profiles

Goose profiles, semolina or geese - it figures of birds, which hunters beckon prey. It is believed that goose, a bird herds (gregarious), at the sight of their relatives flies to him.

Buy goose profiles can be in specialized stores, but foreign-made copies would cost expensive.

Therefore, many hunters prefer to make their own Goose mannyh, the benefit is not so difficult.

You will need

  • - cardboard
  • - Plywood or hardboard
  • - oil paints
  • - Wooden stakes
  • - file
  • - skin
  • - chisel
  • - jigsaw



Draw on cardboard and cut out the stencil goose. The size it should be one and a half times larger than most birds that could be seen flying herd geese from a height. The optimum size of the width of the beak to tail - 60 - 90 cm, depending on the position of the bird. Draw the goose should be in profile, it is better that the bird was a picture of a pecking (neck lowered down to the ground), or the keepers (neck straight goose beak parallel to the ground).


Stencil, draw a goose on a dense profilea sheet of plywood or hardboard. Choosing material for mannogo goose, remember that less moisture resistant plywood and paint on it keeps worse. Before you put the paint on plywood, you will need to prime each profile drying oil (it has to be heated) and wait until completely dry.


Cut the goose profile, depending on the material used, or a narrow chisel and a hacksaw or jigsaw. Edge Profile abrade using skins, you can use the file.


Paint the profiles of moisture-resistant oilpaint. The paint for plywood mannyh geese add a little turpentine to give it a haze. Carcass goose should be brown or gray on the breast and under the tail - white stripes. Beaks make pale pink or black. You can draw the feathers, but with the height they will not be visible if desired.


After the paint dries on the profiles,cut the bottom of each recess mannogo goose under pegs. Sami stakes made of wood in advance by painting them the same color as the goose (gray or brown). Please note that the length of pegs depends on where you place the profile. If on the ground, it should be about 15 centimeters, and if water - that up to six meters. Pegs can be either removable (inserted already in place and screwed (nailed on the small cloves).

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