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How to make garden furniture

How to make garden furniture

Conventional home cinema furniture is very sensitive to the conditions in which it operates.

Poor tolerate direct sunlight and precipitation. The table in the garden or the garden is better to do it yourself.

As a general rule, make this furniture from wooden planks.

It will serve you for a long time.

You will need

  • 12 boards width 120 mm to 1800 mm in length, two boardswidth 150 mm length 1800 mm, width of 2 planks of 130 mm to 800 mm in length, 4 boards of 150 mm 900 mm in width (thickness of boards 40 mm), drill, drill diameter of 4 mm, screwdriver, screws 4? 75, jigsaw.



Collect 2 identical bearing frame. To do this, put on a flat surface a board width of 130 mm to 800 mm in length. It will support the board tabletops. In parallel to it at a distance of 270 mm, place a board width of 150 mm to 1800 mm in length. Mid-boards must be the same, that is, the long edge of the board should protrude beyond the edge of the short 500 mm on each side. Above them, place a board on the diagonal 150 mm 900 mm in width (it will be a table leg). One edge of this board is to coincide with the edge of the board 800 mm in length, and lie on a board length of 1800 mm at a distance of 380 mm from the upper edge. On the other side of the board 800 mm long first boards symmetrically place the second board 900 mm long. It should get a design that resembles the form of the right trapezoid.


Connect boards together with screws. Pre-drill holes in the top of the board for each screw drill 4 mm. To connect each node, use at least 5 screws. Put and secure the means at hand to the upright position, both the frame so that the distance between their outer edges was equal to 1500 mm. On the board 800 mm in length, place 6 boards 120 mm wide, connecting them, both framework. The gap between them make the size of 16 mm. The edges of the outer edge of the board align with transverse boards (800 mm). Align overhang ends worktop board (overhang on each side must be equal to 150 mm). Mark the boards and countertops in posverlite holes for screws (2 self-tapping screws on the board at each end). Screw the board with screws to the base plate countertop.


On the side of the frame boards place on 3board width 120 mm on each side. The gap between them is made equal to 10 mm. The ends of the planks align with the ends of boards countertops. Mark out and posverlite holes for screws. Screw the board. Mark and cut the jigsaw lower legs protruding corners so that they lay over the entire length of the end on the floor surface. Mark up and round off the ends of the jigsaw of all boards countertops and shops on both sides. If desired, cut a jigsaw pattern on the base plate countertops and benches.

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