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How do the gaps in the table

How to make gaps in the table

Spreadsheets are used for the introduction of both a numerical and textual information.

They can be created in different programs, for example, MS Excel, MS Word.

To place a table on several pages, use the gap function table.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - Installed MS Office software package.



Start the MS Word program, to performtables gap. To do this, first create a table. Go to the "Table" menu, if the version of the program until 2007, or in the menu "Insert", if Office 2007 and later. Next, click "Add Table", select the number of rows and columns. There is also another way to add a table: just select the required number of cells in a special button on the toolbar.


Then fill in the table information. To break a table into multiple pages, cut out the cells that you want to transfer to another page, place the cursor at the end of the rest of the table, run the command "Insert" - "Break" - "Start a new page." Next, on a new page, insert the cut cells.


Set your preferences header table in front of herdivision. This function will make a copy of the table header on each new page. To do this, select the table header (column name). In Office 2007 to open the context menu, select "Properties", go to the tab "Line" and check the box next to the option "Repeat as the header on every page." If Office 2003 and you below, select the "Table" menu and select "Titles. After that, a table with a break will have a title on each subsequent page.


Set the table gap to Excel, for thiscreate a spreadsheet, set the cursor to the cell, which will have the last before the break of the table, then go to the tab "Page Layout", if you have, and select "Break" of Office 2007 there, select "Insert page break." In previous versions of the software, select the line to break the table, go to the "Insert" and select the appropriate command.


Make the table gap in Open Office Calc,analogue of MS Excel, to do this, create a spreadsheet, place the cursor in the cell, which will be the last in the table, select the "Table" menu, then click on the command "Split Table".

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