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How to make folds on curtains


How to make folds on curtains</a>

The design of curtains is very important for interior design - any textile complements the interior, and it should fit organically into it, making the room cozier and more harmonious.

There are many different models of curtains and curtains, and today the popular model is the Roman curtains with neat folds.

These folds make it simple.

You will need

  • - dense tissue-
  • - metal / wooden twigs-
  • - plastic rings-
  • - metal strip-
  • - long cord-
  • - cornice.



Take a dense fabric of suitable color andTexture, as well as thin metal or wooden twigs, the number of which is equal to the number of planned folds. The length of twigs should be slightly less than the width of the curtains. Also you will need small plastic rings with a diameter of 10-12 mm. Prepare a weighting metal bar, a strong long cord, and a special curtain rod for the Roman curtains.


To determine the length of the tissue, measure the expectedThe length of the curtains and the width of the window. Take into account 2 cm on the allowances and hem on each side, and then cut out the curtains, opening two lengths plus one width of the curtains.


Place the fabric face down on a flat surface and flatten it. With the help of tailbands and manual marking, form the folding sites. The size of each Wrinkles Adjust depending on the length of the curtains.


Sew all the edges of the curtains, and to the top edgeSew a velcro fastener if the curtain is attached to the cornice of a wooden block. For ordinary cornice, make a double seam and insert a metal rod, attach the curtain to the cornice with clothespins.


The lower edge of the curtain is folded and sewed with two rows of stitches so that a metal bar can be placed between the two rows for weighting. On the wrong side, sew the folds and Wrinkles Insert the twigs.


Above the twigs, sew the finishing tape. Then sew plastic rings to the places of the filings of the twigs. Fix the curtain on the cornice and thread three cord in it, passing them along the upper rings, and then passing through one ring. All three cords are pulled through the rings, and in the end, lead them into one common ring.


Lower the blind and align the cords. Cut off the excess ends and tie the cords into a knot.

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