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How to make a folding table


The need for a folding table appears quite often. This is understandable - the scope of its application is quite wide.

It is convenient to take such a table with you to the dacha, to a picnic, to fishing or to the beach. At home, a table is always there. You can take it to the balcony and put a laptop on it.

And you can sit comfortably in front of the TV and, thanks to the table, a cup of coffee will always be at your fingertips. In order to make a folding table will not need special knowledge and skills.

To do this can almost anyone.

You will need

  • - plywood with a thickness of 10 mm-
  • - beams 20x40-
  • - nails-
  • - bolts with nuts-
  • - electric jigsaw-
  • - Drill with drills 12 and 6 mm-
  • - a hammer-
  • - an old clamshell-
  • - sheet of plastic-
  • - hacksaw for metal-
  • - Double-sided tape-
  • - plastic corners or large clips for paper-
  • - insulation for pipes with a diameter of 2 cm-
  • - sandpaper-
  • - paint-
  • - Brush



Take the plywood and cut out two identical pieces for the countertop.


Make the legs Make four legs out of the bar. Drill two holes with a diameter of 6 mm in each leg and make a selection under the groove of the bolt head. It should be noted that the seating for the bolt heads must be chosen in a mirror manner. Then the bolts of each leg will come in from the outside of the table.


Make four cross-bars and drill holes in them, similar to the holes in the legs of the table.


Make the cross bars that connect the legs.


Treat the crossbeams and legs of the table with stain.


Attach the worktop items to the crossbeams using nails.


Attach the connecting bars. Your table is ready. However, this is not the only way. There is an alternative.


Select and purchase a plastic sheet. The thickness of the plastic should be at least 1 mm. Then your table will be able to withstand 2-3 kg of cargo. In this case, the plastic should bend well.


Take the old cot and disassemble it. Remove all screws, springs, brackets and fabric.


Cut off one segment using a hacksaw from the cot.


Remove the old paint from the cage frame with sandpaper.


Paint the cot with paint and allow it to dry out.


Make plastic fastenersPlastic canFastened to the frame either with large clips for paper, or with the help of plastic corners. The second option is more reliable. Attach the plastic corners to the clamshell frame with a double-sided adhesive tape. They must be fastened in such a way that they rest against the tubes of the frame and serve as spacers. In this case, the plastic will keep its shape well at any inclination of the backrest and will not "ride" from side to side.


Take a heater and cut from it pieces of the necessary length. Make an incision on one side of each piece and put it on the legs of your table.

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