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How to make the floors in the bathroom


The floor in the bathroom is one of the most important and complex bathroom repair objects. First, it is thoroughly cleaned from the old coating, dust, old mortar.

It is also necessary to mechanically smooth out all the old irregularities.

For this purpose, a perforator is usually used.



To the floor in the bathroom was smooth and smooth,It is necessary to make a concrete screed. After this work is completed, it is possible to perform waterproofing. At the moment there are several ways to perform waterproofing. If you do not do it, then the water will destroy the concrete. She will slowly begin to undermine the ceramic tile and destroy other coatings. She needs to be given proper attention.


There is oklechnaya, coating and fusibleWaterproofing. The choice is yours. It is recommended that you only make it in two layers. Also worth noting that the waterproofing should go to the walls of the bath at least 10 centimeters. The walls, which are adjacent to the shower, it is recommended to completely waterproof. Pay special attention to the plumbing area. It is in this water that most often falls on the floor and walls.


After waterproofing, you canPass to the creation of a protective screed. It is then glued tiles. It is best to use waterproof glue. Tile after gluing should not be wet. We must wait for it to dry completely. It does not take about 24 hours. Grout is also recommended to use water resistant. The tile will not fall off.


For an apartment in which not only adults live,But also children, simple waterproofing may not be enough. It is recommended to think of a kind of protective barrier. According to the rules, the floor in the bathroom should be below the floor level in the main room. Therefore, the threshold should be high. If you can not perform a lowering of the floor, then the threshold should be made as high as possible.


You can also perform an additional systemProtection. It is to create a drain on the floor. Note that the floor surface should be slightly inclined toward the drain. Otherwise, it will accumulate in separate areas and gradually destroy the floor covering.

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