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How to make figurines from plasticine


How to make figurines from plasticine</a>

Plasticine literally passes through the hands of new generations of children. While doing modeling, kids develop: they train fine motor skills and imagination.

The more amusing and intricate are the figures obtained from them, the more they mold with great pleasure.

How can I help children make figurines of plasticine?



Prepare the workplace for modeling. Spread a sheet of paper or any white paper on the table top. Prepare a stack of paper napkins to wipe your hands, tools - stacks, wooden toothpicks.


Before molding, carefully mash the clay. It should become warm and plastic. At the same time, you can show the child how to mix the colors of plasticine. Stretch two pieces of different colors to get a new shade.


Begin to teach a child modeling from the simplestFigures. Do with it flat "pancakes". Tear off a piece of plasticine small piece and press it with your fingers. First, let the kid knead the pancake, attaching it to the table. Then you can slightly complicate the task by asking the child to do it on weight, holding and kneading plasticine between the thumb and forefinger of both hands.


After that, show the child how to roll outCylindrical figures. Tear off a piece of plasticine, roll it with the palm of the table back and forth until you get a "sausage". This exercise will also be useful to repeat and without using the surface of the table, rolling out the "sausages" between the palms.


The next figure is a ball. Its manufacture will require the child more zeal and patience. Unlike the previous exercise, this time a piece of plasticine must be rolled along the circular trajectory, that is, describe a circle on the table. Also show the child how to keep the hand - plasticine should rest on the palm of the hand, fingers do not participate in the work.


Ready balls can be turned into cubes. To do this, it is enough to "seal" them to the table, creating six faces.


Based on these simplest figures, you can createMore interesting. For example, all kinds of animals. Make from plasticine one ball, one larger cylinder, four identical "sausages", one - thinner and more authentic. From these details you can make a cat: the ball will become its head, the cylinder is the trunk, the five remaining fragments are paws and tail. Make two ears in the form of ears on the surface of the head. A toothpick can draw a cat's eyes and mouth.


By the same principle, sculpt a few moreAnimals. Try to choose different representatives of fauna, so that the child is trained to do various details. Then learn to sculpt people and objects of human life.


Having mastered and such tasks, it is possible to make ofPlasticine pattern. To do this, roll out the base on the surface of the cardboard and stick to it all the same figures, only the flatter ones - each figure must be cut in half by two stacks into two identical parts and flattened to the base with the flat side and the edges applied.

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