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HOW to make fairy wings

How to make fairy wings

When it comes to who have a girl at the carnival, there is little option: snowflake, princess or fairy.

Do not be penny wise and the ladies dress bunny.

If your child chose a role fairies, your job? approve the selection and provide the girl necessary equipment, ie make wings for the fairies.

You will need

  • Hard wire, scissors, chalk, tracing paper, organza, lace, sequins / beads / beads, elastic, sewing machine



Make a pattern on tracing paper wings. Each of the parts of the duplicate of the left and right wing. Shall be calculated depending on the individual growth. The upper part of the wing must rise above the shoulders is 15 cm lower? be lower lumbar 5 cm.


Place the pattern on the fabric (the most suitableTransparent organza pure pastel colors such as lavender), Fun on the perimeter of the pins, chalk circle. Do not forget that you need to add to the size of each wing of 4-6 cm on each side for kulisok into which you insert the wire.


Baste wings manually. Leave each of the hole for threading the wire. To the front of the wings baste lace around the perimeter. The seam lace finish should coincide with a seam kuliske.


Stitch wings on the sewing machine.


Insert the wire frame through the left hole, bend it to the shape of the product. Holes sew by hand beaded stitch.


Wings embroidered sequins and beads (can be any pattern). Especially will look spectacular pattern embroidered small beads.


Sew the wings at the base of each other withinside. On the sides sew two straps of colored rubber bands to match or satin ribbons to wear wings. Or baste them by hand directly to the suit.

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