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How to Make Fairy Wings


How to Make Fairy Wings</a>

When the question arises, who to be a girl at the carnival, there are few options: a snowflake, a princess or a fairy.

It will not be the same lady's trifle and dress up bunny.

If your child has chosen the role of a fairy, is your task? Approve the choice and provide the girl with the necessary equipment, i.e. Make wings for fairies.

You will need

  • Rigid wire, scissors, chalk, tracing paper, organza, lace, sequins / beads / beads, elastic band, sewing machine



Make a pattern of the wings on the tracing paper. Each part is duplicated for the left and right wing. The sizes count depending on growth of the person. The upper part of the wings should rise 15 cm above the shoulders, the lower one? Be below the waist by 5 cm.


Place the pattern on the fabric (most suitableTransparent organza of pure pastel color, for example, lilac), pin around the perimeter with pins, circle small. Do not forget that you need to add to the size of each wing 4-6 cm from each edge for the wings, in which you will insert the wire.


Sweep the wings by hand. Leave a hole for each wire in each part. To the front side of the wings, sweep the lace around the perimeter. The lace seam should match the seam of the kuliska.


Stitch the wings on the sewing machine.


Insert the wire frame through the holes left, bend it according to the shape of the product. The holes are sewn by hand with a beaded stitch.


Tear the wings with paillettes and beads (the pattern can be any). Especially effective will look a pattern embroidered with small beads.


Sew the wings at the bases to each other withInner side. On each side, sew two straps of colored rubber bands per tone or satin ribbons to put on the wings. Either sweep them by hand directly to the suit.

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