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HOW do camouflage suit

How to make a camouflage suit

Hunting, fishing, paintball game, winterSports often require a camouflage suit. It should be comfortable, functional, and most importantly - virtually invisible to others, his main task - to hide you in the environment.

Therefore, it is difficult to pick up a suit in the store.

We sew yourself!



Take an old camouflage fabric and cutstrips of 15-20 cm in length, with alternate strips of width from 3 to 8 cm. You can still use and plain fabric (black, brown and green), only then separate them by color.


Prepare an old shirt and trousers, better if they are military-style. Long coat may also serve as a good basis for camouflage costume. Sew the prepared patches of khaki pants and a shirt.


Regularly alternate the colors: The more chaotic the more natural look will suit in the woods. If for some reason sew stripes on the pants can not be, it is necessary to lengthen the jacket. Do this by using a grid, and sew woven masking elements in it. The grid should not be out of line, it is better monofilament.


Note the hat: as a basis quite amiss black knitted cap. It is possible to sew pieces of cloth are not necessarily the strip.
Mask Shoes is no special meaning, millet choose a dark green or black version of the shoe. Professional hunters preferring to give the shoe lace.

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