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How to make a camouflage suit


How to make a camouflage suit</a>

Hunting, fishing, playing paintball, winter sportsSports often require a camouflage suit. It should be convenient, functional, and most importantly - almost invisible to others, its main task - to hide you in the surrounding environment.

Therefore it is extremely difficult to find a suit in the store.

We sew ourselves!



Take the old camouflage fabric and cut it.Stripes 15-20 cm long, alternating the width of the strips from 3 to 8 cm. You can also use plain fabrics (black, brown and green), just divide them in colors.


Prepare an old shirt and trousers, preferably if they are a military model. A long coat can also serve as a good basis for camouflage Suit. Sew the prepared flaps of protective color to the pants and shirt.


Regularly alternate colors: The more chaotic, the more natural it will be to look like a suit in the forest. If for some reason you can not sew the stripes on your pants, then you should lengthen the jacket. Do this with a grid, sewing and weaving camouflage elements into it. Grid should not be from the line, it is better nylon.


Pay attention to the headdress: as a basis a black knitted cap is quite suitable. It can be sewed with pieces of cloth, not necessarily strips.
Mask shoes do not make much sense, millet pick a dark green or black version of shoes. Professional hunters prefer to wear lace-up shoes.

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