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How to make a diode


How to make a diode</a>

Modern high-quality semiconductor diodes are inconceivable without ultrapure chemicals, precision structural elements.

However, the existing rectifier model, which has modest parameters, can also be manufactured in a home laboratory.



Take a glass jar with a capacity of half a liter.


Pour cold water into the jar, sprinkle a few spoons of baking soda. Stir the solution well.


Put two metal sheets in the jar: One aluminum and one steel. Immersed in the solution they should not be completely. Secure them in any way so that they can not touch each other.


Assemble a series of electrical circuitsA cord with a plug, a cartridge with a 60-watt incandescent lamp and a galvanic bath made by you. To connect the wires to the plates, use the crocodile clips located above the water-to-air boundary.


Remove any sources of open fire from the tub. Do not touch any live parts, turn on the laboratory installation on the network. At first the light will turn on brightly, then its brightness will begin to drop, and it will start to flicker noticeably. Remember that the same effect is achieved when the bulb is switched on via a diode. This phenomenon proves that in the course of the experiment it turned out to be the diode.


Try, de-energizing each time the installation,Connect the diode 1N4007 in series in one or both polarities. In one case, the bulb will completely go out, in the other it will shine and flicker just like without an additional diode. Knowing the pinout of the factory diode, try to determine the location of the anode and cathode independently of the self-made diode.


Try to remove the bulb in a non-flammableLightproof box. Turn on the setting, and then completely darken the room. Adapt your eyes to darkness. You will find that one of the plates is very weakly lit. Which exactly?


Try to repeat the experience, but this time again withThe serial switching on of the factory diode in different polarities. Before every modification of the installation, not only de-energize it, but turn on the light. In this way, you determine which of the half-wave alternating current causes this glow. In relation to its cause, by the way, physicists have not yet developed a common opinion, although it has been known for more than a hundred years.

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