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How to make colored crayons


How to make colored crayons</a>

Did you know that you can make colored crayons for drawing with your own hands? It's quite simple, and besides, it's a very fascinating activity, in which you can draw the baby.

Let's get started!

You will need

  • - gypsum-
  • - forms for chalk-
  • - Vaseline-
  • - disposable cups-
  • - stick-
  • - color dyes-
  • - the holder of forms.



For the beginning it is necessary to grease the mold with petroleum jelly. They can be any, even eggs from kinder surprises. By the way, if you choose this form, then keep in mind that for it you need a holder, because the egg will not stand still when it is filled with gypsum. Such a holder can be simple packaging from eggs.


Now we put greased vaseline forms in ourholder. Then we take the glass. It must be filled half-plaster and 1/4 water. After that, everything must be mixed with a stick so that a uniform mass is obtained.


As for staining, for this, inAdd the tempera or food colors to the resulting gypsum mass. You can even try using gouache for these purposes, if the above is not at hand. Pour the dye as much as necessary to get the desired color.


After the desired color is obtained, we beginPour gypsum mass on previously prepared forms. If you want, you can make two-tone crayons. To do this, simply pour one color into one half of the kinder, and the other half into another. After 5 minutes have passed after pouring the gypsum into a mold, it will begin to solidify a little. This is the best time to combine the two colors into one. Press the two halves of the kinder tightly together. Make sure that they glued together, it's easy - just shake the egg. Let the crayons stand one night and that's it! They will be ready to paint! Good luck!

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