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HOW to make crayons

How to make crayons

Did you know that crayons for drawing, you can do with your hands? This is simple enough, and besides, a lot of fun in which you can drag and the kid.

Let's start!

You will need

  • - gips-
  • - Molds for melkov-
  • - vazelin-
  • - Disposable stakanchiki-
  • - palochka-
  • - Colored krasiteli-
  • - The holder of forms.



First, you need to grease the molds with petroleum jelly. They can be any, even by Kinder Surprise egg. By the way, if you are just such a form and choose, keep in mind that it is necessary for the holder, as the egg does not stand on the spot where it will be poured gypsum. Thus the holder can be simple packaging of eggs.


Now put Vaseline smeared shape ourholder. Then take a glass. It is necessary to fill half the cast and 1/4 water. Then all you need to stir stick so as to obtain a homogeneous mass.


With regard to staining, that for this purposeresulting gypsum mass must add food coloring or tempera. You can even try using gouache for this purpose, if the above is not at hand. Pour the dye as long as necessary to achieve the desired color.


After get the right color, beginpouring plaster weight of pre-prepared forms. If you want, you can make a two-colored crayons. To do this, simply be poured into one half Kinder one color, and the second - the other. After 5 minutes pass after pouring plaster into the mold, it will begin to solidify somewhat. This is the perfect time to connect the two colors in one. Squeeze the two halves Kinder close to each other. Make sure that they stick together, it's easy - just shake the egg. Let stand overnight crayons and everything! They will be ready to draw! Good luck!

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