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HOW to make countertops made of artificial stone

How to make countertops made of artificial stone

Modern kitchen completely covered with artificial stone countertops.

This love for this material is easy to explain - with a stone just work, it is strong and durable, do not corrode and break (cleavage) is rapidly polished.



Make cutting stone on the map prepared in advance of cutting. Cutting edges made for the ends of countertops, bars most countertops, skirting and fillet of wall (the wall is part of a side), if required.


Before you glue the edges, do the milling where it provides. Lasik 4-5 mm depth ensure reliable bonding edge.


If the worktop is straight, immediately after cuttingglue the edge. If it has the shape of the letter L, then glue the edges before gluing the worktop by layer. To achieve this and splice artificial stone by layer, make a mirror milling, ie two layers of countertops should be milled at the same time. Now glue the wooden cubes boss on the front side to the hot melt adhesive. Treat joint alcohol, put on a stone two-component adhesive. Pull clamps and wait up to 40 minutes.


After hardening, remove the first adhesive roller chisel, and then grinder with coarse grain. Parts of the countertop, glued in such a way, be sure to fasten the bottom plate of the artificial stoneOver the entire length, a width of about 10 cm with the same adhesive.


Glue the edge, pull the clamps. After hardening of the glue mill the edge of a desired radius.
Glue the stiffener for cooking cutoutsurface, glue the substrate. The substrate should be in the form of battens instead of solid. The substrate on the silicone glue, note that between the edge of lathing and stone necessary clearances. Do not bundle tightly interconnected substrate edges.


Leave overnight substrate. The next day, sand the substrate, giving the product the same thickness. Then flip and grind stone. After several hours of grinding countertop is ready for installation.

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