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HOW do cord

How to make a cord

Long beaded strand can be monotonous, have a pattern, it can be decorated with hairpins beaded flowers and other small beautiful details.

It can be anything, but is sure to be beautiful and all that is needed for its manufacture? is patience.

You will need

  • Small beads of one or more colors-
  • Fine igolka-
  • Monofilament or nit-
  • Clasp (optional).



For training purposes better to harness the same color. Type in the string one bead, bringing it almost to the end (leave 15 cm), go through it again.


Type in a few beads (even number), in this case six. Again, go through the first and second beads. Slide one bead and go through the fourth.


Put one bead and go through the already dialed through one. Get a tight sausage.

How to & lt-strong & gt-cord & lt- / strong & gt-


gossip cord to the desired length, sew the ends of the zipper works. If it is long enough to pass through the head without fasteners connect the marginal beads made out of tow? Ring ?.


For more openwork plaiting cordand the first fix in the same manner the first bead, and then type the thirteen and again go through the first.


Type three beads and go through the fifth. Then, three and go through the ninth, three? and through the thirteenth, three? and through the sixteenth.

How to & lt-strong & gt-cord & lt- / strong & gt-


At the end of the clasp can sew.

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