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HOW to make confetti

How to make confetti

Confetti - a small celebration that is easy to do with their hands.

Do not hesitate to bring to the process of home. Especially children, for whom the creation of confetti - is not only exciting, but also very useful exercise.

Using the scissors, paper, Punchers - all this will contribute to the development of creative skills and training of hand movements.

You will need

  • - Scissors,
  • - Colored paper,
  • - hole puncher,
  • - A foil,
  • - Wrappers,
  • - Color film,
  • - Old glossy magazines.



If all the materials are ready, we can start to work.
To start cut punch lots of dots of colored paper.


Add circles of plain white paper.


Do the same with the pages of old magazines. You'd be surprised how diverse the confetti can be obtained as a result.


Take one large basin - box, largeplastic container or something similar. You can use an empty plastic bottle, cut the neck. Mix in the container with coffee colored circles. Beauty!


Few? Continue! Now, take the foil and shaped punch. Remarkably, if you have at home there is a multi-colored foil, and at least a couple of different punch.


You are reminded of the old collection wrappers? Excellent! Candy wrappers also perfectly suited for the confetti! Cut!


If you did not find Punch figure - notworry, because there is a pair of scissors! Try a slice of small stars, diamonds, squares of foil wrappers and colored paper. You can also cut very, very thin strips, ribbons of different lengths. The longest you can cheat on the pencil so that they curled up "lambs."


If you suddenly felt sorry for wasting foilrummage in the economy - you may find chocolate wrapper? Packaging of glazed cheese curds, too, will go to the cause, after washing, of course. By the way, some fans of confetti are used to cut even the old film.


Well, your exclusive confetti ready, and in the house is no longer lying around any unnecessary candy wrappers and paper. You can celebrate!

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