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HOW to make cleaning fast

How to make cleaning fast

As a rule, we pay a lot of time cleaning, but there are situations, for example, are not planned in advance of guests visit when you need to put things clean as quickly as possible.

To catch all that is planned, it is necessary to know exactly what to do.



make cleaning quickly and efficiently as possible, starting with its people,which are considered the "face" each family - this is the kitchen, toilet and bathroom. Soak the dishes in hot water and soak until it is, remove all unnecessary utensils. Wipe the stove, refrigerator, cabinets doors, as well as the whole surface is located in the kitchen appliances. After that, wash the dishes. Change cloth or thoroughly clean the surface of the table, on which he could not have smudges, stains and marks from mugs. Next, wipe the floor with special care washing out the area around the skirting boards, panels and furniture.


Clean bath, toilet and sink with specialdetergent, and then wipe the mirrors, shower doors. Hide the unwanted bottles and tubes, hang fresh towels and put a new bar of soap in the soap dish. Check whether there is enough toilet paper in the toilet. Clean bathroom and toilet floors.


After that, you can start cleaning the rooms. To get rid of the clutter quickly, first of all, fold in the bag or basket strewn clothes, cosmetics, and various small things.


Wipe the dust from all the prominent places, especially from TV and other consumer electronics, if there is a mirror or glass surfaces, be sure to wipe them with a detergent.


If the room in prominent places are the plants, water them and, if possible, with the spray sprinkle water.


Vacuum carpets and floor coverings, and then you can begin to wash floors in the rooms.


Correct on the bed or couch cover allcushions, toys, look, not whether to change the tablecloth and napkins with a coffee table or bedside tables. Remove all unnecessary clothing and shoes from the hallway, wipe the dust from the furniture.

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