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How to make a suitcase for a kazantip


How to make a suitcase for a kazantip</a>

The yellow suitcase is a symbol of the festival "Kazantip".

Its availability gives the owner the right to enter the festival free of charge.

This is one of the reasons why its production is massive.



Prepare a suitcase. As a rule, most old suitcases are made of pressed cardboard. For this reason, they can easily be damaged, so all actions with them are carried out as carefully as possible.


First, remove all metal parts from the suitcase. After that, disassemble the entire suitcase. This is required, firstly, for convenience in painting, and secondly, so as not to contaminate the metal parts.


Next, wash the suitcase. To do this, pour hot (but not boiling) water into the tub and gently and thoroughly rinse the entire suitcase. Then leave it for the time it takes to dry completely. After that, remove the inner lining of the suitcase and separate the cardboard base from the wooden frame. Then remove the hinges, corners and other metal parts. Do this carefully so as not to damage it.


Then proceed to painting. As a rule, this is done either with the help of an aerosol or an oil paint. Aerosol is faster applied, faster drying, but more difficult to work - there may be stains. Oil paint is laid flat, no drips are formed, but dries significantly longer.


If you chose oil paint, then it is better not to breed it. Thick paint is easier to apply and more simple to use. Apply 3-4 layers to paint the suitcase well.


While the suitcase dries, take care of the metalDetails. They should not be rusted, so arm yourself with sandpaper. Use a large emery to remove any rust from the parts. With a fine sandpaper, give them a more presentable look. After that, dip them into orthophosphoric acid. Then it is desirable to be chrome plated in a galvanic workshop.


When everything is ready, it remains only to collect the suitcase. Collect it in the following sequence: corners, handle and lock, wooden frame, hinges, internal upholstery. After that, glue your photo inside the suitcase and decorate it on request from outside.

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