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HOW to make cards for memorizing words?

How to make a card to remember the words?

There are many ways to memorize words in the English language: listening, repetition, memorization lists, memorizing individual phrases and sentences.

However, one of the most practical and effective method is to use special vocabulary cards.

The first question that you may encounter whenmanufacture of word cards - is the size. It is not necessary to dwell much on this probleme- best option - from the size of a business card (9 to 5 cm) or less. While the best option - to focus on yourself, because it is you and not someone else, it is necessary to use them.

So, having bought in the stationery store or slicedthe required number of cards determines which words we remember: it can be scattered units of the book you are reading now, or collected on topics phrases and words, or simply a mosaic of the "pieces" of the language, which does not fit in my head. Having defined the set, write on one side of the card the word in the target language to another - translation into Russian. Sometimes it is necessary to add the transcription of the word, and if it has a non-standard form, especially in the case of irregular (strong, irregular) verbs such as go-went-gone or adjectives such as little-less-the least, it is very useful to record and possible forms.

First, you can, looking at the floor, remembering histranslating to Russian language. We looked, talked, remembered translation and, turning the card, checked himself. If everything is correct, postpone card separate pile. Just do with the second, third and so on. When all the cards are in the "waste" pile, take them again and already looking to the Russian version, remember the word in the target language, and also postponed.

When all the cards in the stack worked "in bothside ", you can draw them for the convenience of a rubber band and put aside, but it is highly desirable to return to each assimilated pack at least once a week as long as you do not realize that firmly mastered the whole set of words and phrases.

Tip: when iterating cards try speaking the words out loud. This will speed up the memorization and facilitate their integration into everyday speech.

Happy learning!

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